Evan GARBER Homicide UPDATED Aug. 22, 2016


Evan Garber was enjoying a meal at one of his favourite restaurants. He could have waited for the robbery to be over. He could have done nothing.

However, that wasn’t possible for this Good Samaritan. This was not the first robbery where he had intervened, but sadly, it would be the last.

It was 1:30 in the morning on April 28, 2006, and Evan was sitting at his usual table in the restaurant at 3163 Main St, where he ate at least three times a week. There were several staff and 20 patrons inside when a man walked in with a handgun and confronted a staff member before taking cash from the register. When the robber tried to leave, Evan confronted him and they began to struggle. Another restaurant patron also got involved in an attempt to overtake the robber, and shots were fired.

Evan was shot and died in the restaurant. The second patron was critically injured. Four others were injured in the chaotic scene.

Evan, aged 59, had been a regular customer at the restaurant for years. Staff described him as a “really nice guy” who favoured oysters and beef brisket. Evan’s family say he was a quiet, peaceful man who lived alone and often worked late, with a brilliant mind and a wonderful gift for writing. According to his pastor, Evan was a gentle, soft-spoken man, who was faithfully involved with the church. He was a widower, who had also lost his son five years previous.

Three years after his death, Evan’s sister Marilyn Rivers-Bowerman made an emotional plea for someone to come forward with information. She described her brother as a hero. “We could expect Evan to stand up for what he believed and it was his belief in God and his commitment to social justice that gave him the strength to defend others.”

“Evan stood up for others,” said Rivers-Bowerman. “Isn’t there someone who will stand up for him?”

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