Richard CHACON Homicide UPDATED Aug. 22, 2016
Richard CHACON

Richard CHACON

It was 3:30 a.m. on July 25, 1999, when nearly 100 people gathered at The Car Wash, an after-hours nightclub at 1180 West Hastings in Vancouver. Richard Chacon was the manager that night, a 31 year old from Huntingdon Beach, California, who had been living in Vancouver for about three years.

Richard was a creative, talented guy, who had a short-lived talk show on CFUN radio and was in the process of developing a local television show.

When a fight broke out between two men, Richard was quick to intervene. He came up behind a blonde-haired man in a Hawaiian shirt, and tried to pry him off of a dark-skinned, possibly black man.

A shot suddenly rang out and the blonde man doubled over. He had been shot in the stomach. Seconds later, Richard fell to the floor, hit by the same bullet. The first man survived, confined to a wheelchair, but Richard Chacon did not.

Immediately following the shooting, someone shouted, “My God, Trevor – you just shot someone.” Investigators believe that someone inside the club knows who Trevor is, but so far that have not been able to identify him.

Richard is sadly missed by his family, who says that he always liked Vancouver, even commenting on the fact that Canadians don’t put up with crime. Clearly, Richard took that to heart.

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