Sheila HENRY Homicide UPDATED Aug. 1, 2014
Sheila HENRY

Sheila HENRY

Many a parent has had nightmares, waking or asleep, envisioning the horrible and unimaginable things that could possibly happen to their children, but very few of us actually live that nightmare.

Gary and Linnea McIndoe have lived that nightmare every day of the past two decades since their 26-year-old daughter was murdered, made all the more painful knowing that her killer is living consequence-free. They re-live their daughter’s last moments over and over, knowing Sheilah was beaten and strangled to death in a violent struggle in her own home. Perhaps most tragic of all, was the fact that she was not the only one who died that day; Sheilah had been six weeks pregnant with the McIndoe’s first grandchild.

Sheila Henry grew up in Kimberley, skiing and enjoying the outdoors. She went away to school in Victoria, where she met her would-be husband, David, and then continued on to Calgary where she studied nursing.

The young couple moved to Vancouver, where Sheila worked as a nurse at Vancouver General Hospital and David worked as a computer programmer. They set up house in a Kitsilano duplex, along with a roommate, and while on a holiday to Florida in 1991, they got married. Married just two years and expecting their first baby, Sheila and David seemed to be a typical couple starting out in life.

Sheila’s father told The Province in September 2007 that he felt like he had failed his daughter because the person responsible for her murder has not been caught and that he often woke up at night to her cries for help, unable to do so. The McIndoes have suffered unimaginable loss, but continue to hope that their daughter’s killer will be brought to justice.

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