Danielle LARUE Homicide UPDATED Aug. 22, 2016
Danielle LARUE

Danielle LARUE

It was New Year’s Eve 2002 when an anonymous letter was opened by staff working at the Vancouver Police Department’s Public Service Counter. The letter referred to a Vancouver sex trade worker who had disappeared at the end of November, one month previous.

The writer described the woman, admitted to killing her, and even apologized to her family for taking her life. He said he was surprised there had been nothing in the news about her disappearance and asked for the victim’s name to be mentioned in the Vancouver Sun, so he would know who she was.

Investigators believe the letter writer was referring to Danielle Marissa Larue, and while her body has never been found, they believe she has been murdered.

Her 24 years had not been easy, with physical and sexual abuse beginning in her childhood. She entered foster care at an early age and ran away to the streets in Prince George when she turned 13, turning to drugs to ease her pain. She was always fiercely protective of her younger brother and sister, but Danielle became addicted to drugs and ended up working in the sex trade to support her habit. She had been living in the Downtown Eastside for longer than five years.

It’s been more than a decade since Danielle went missing and police received the letter. The person who wrote the letter knows what happened to Danielle and where her body is buried, and seemed to be remorseful. Perhaps a tortured conscience will finally bring answers, justice and closure for Danielle’s family.

This is an ongoing file. Please check back regularly for updates.